Top Tips For 2015 On Choosing Significant Factors For Evening Gowns

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European newspaper front pages She must negotiate an agreement on the highly complex details of the exit, prevent the disintegration of the United Kingdom and calm the domestic economy. To achieve this at the same time, in less than two years, has always been extremely ambitious. And now May also wants in parallel to lead an election campaign." In the Sueddeutsche Zeitung , Stefan Kornelius writes: "If the Tories had been honest, they would have let people hold a snap election after the Brexit referendum. Now the procedure endangers political peace - and even the unity of the kingdom." Image copyright Huw Evans picture agency Image caption The news made the front pages in Spain "May will increase her majority, strengthen her power - and weaken Great Britain. What serves her own good does not contribute to the well-being of the country," Kornelius adds. Spain An editorial in El Mundo says: "Although a bit opportunistic, the decision of the prime minister seems to us timely and courageous." However, the paper takes issue with Mrs May's suggestion that divisions in Westminster are the result of opposition machinations, saying the current situation in parliament "reflects a wound which a daring referendum, called by David Cameron, opened up in society". El Pais says that Mrs May's decision was the result of "baseless optimism" that will only provoke further "bewilderment" among UK voters. Rest of the world Yesterday, the Kremlin said it was not interested in the UK election, and this seems to be an attitude reflected in the mainstream Russian media. TV channels did not cover the story last night, despite it being a fairly light news day.

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