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Will the UK be able to rejoin the EU in the future? BBC Europe editor Katya Adler says the UK would have to start from scratch with no rebate, and enter accession talks with the EU. Every member state would have to agree to the UK re-joining. But she says with elections looming elsewhere in Europe, other leaders might not be generous towards any UK demands. New members are required to adopt the euro as their currency, once they meet the relevant criteria, although the UK could try to negotiate an opt-out. The UK Independence Party, which received nearly four million votes - 13% of those cast - in the 2015 general election, but who saw their vote collapse to about a quarter of that at this year's election, has campaigned for many years for Britain's exit from the EU. They were joined in their call during the referendum campaign by about half the Conservative Party's MPs, including Boris Johnson and five members of the then Cabinet. A handful of Labour MPs and Northern Ireland party the DUP were also in favour of leaving. What were their reasons for wanting the UK to leave? They said Britain was being held back by the EU, which they said imposed too many rules on business and charged billions of pounds a year in membership fees for little in return. They also wanted the UK to make all of its own laws again, rather than being created through shared decision making with other EU nations.

Pop a lining under there for the network censors, and you've got a fun, poppy number for a young star, maybe one with the initials MBB. (That's Millie Bobby Brown.) For the nominee who hasn't prepared a speech and is just honored to be considered in a group of such talented actresses. Because even if you know you're going to lose out to Nicole Kidman, at least you can look like a winner in a cupcake gown with miles of netting in the skirt. Would probably get demolished on Twitter (loofah memes), but who cares when you're this head-turning in real life? One massive black bar waiting to happen, which is daring and probably never going to happen! But have you ever seen anything so diaphanous, so shower-curtain-like in the nicest possible way? Not even at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Erdem's spring collection closed with a series of highly decorated dresses like something out of a John Singer Sargent portrait of a socialite known only as "Mrs. Some Industrialist Who Was Like 'What Labor Laws?'" So pretty my chest hurts. Hear me well: Someone *will* wear one of the final seven dresses with which Maria Grazia Chiuri closed her show. Which one, though?

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Teen who set out to collect 50 homecoming dresses for girls affected by Hurricane Harvey ends up with over 2,000. 

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