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Rap of China poster No-one knows exactly why she was removed but in what seems like a quick-fix solution, Happy Camp republished their promotional video after erasing VAVA. She was awkwardly cropped out of all their shots. As the state issues more stringent rules on what the public can and cannot see, many rappers, including GAI who used to be a "gangsta" style rapper, have changed their approach to participate in mainstream state TV programmes. They have, in interviews, spoken about the "positive energy" of music and socialist "core values" that the Chinese authorities promote. For many hip-hop fans in China, this sort of government reaction to the rapid popularity of the genre was an inevitable consequence of cosying up to the authorities. "I knew this would happen sooner or later. Hip-hop culture does not fit into the socialism 'core values'," one social media user wrote. Another said that lyrics about white powder, money, girls, sex and violence were "what hip-hop is". "It's for people who love it. Criticising its 'dark spots' is like criticising peppers for being spicy," they said. Image caption GAI allegedly quit the show because of "pressure from above" Faced with immense pressure, rapper PG One took all of his songs offline and blamed his lyrics on influence from the "black music".

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What is appropriate clothing for school?

This outfit features a questionable top, but the pajama bottoms and slippers are definite dress code violations. Rustle through any teenage girl’s wardrobe and you’ll likely find an assortment of yoga pants, sleeveless blouses, tank tops and hats. But girls aren’t allowed to wear such items to Kenosha Unified schools, and some students and parents are pushing for change. Parent Kate Trudell, who often attends School Board meetings and speaks out on the matter, said she believes the dress code “focuses on the perceived comfort of other students and the old-fashioned notions of administrators.” Under the current code, leggings and yoga pants may not be worn as bottoms unless beneath dresses, skirts, skorts, shorts or tunics. Tops must be long enough to cover a student’s waistline with no skin showing between the bottom and top when seated or standing. Tops must also cover the chest area and undergarments at all times. Sleeveless shirts are acceptable only if they reach the edge of the shoulders, and the arm opening cannot be “excessive.” Tank tops are prohibited. When students or parents disagree with district staff regarding a piece of clothing, the principal makes the final determination. Parent Angie Aker, who often attends School Board meetings, said the current policy is “way too nitpicky and disproportionately targets girls for infractions.” “I also think it’s worth it to think about how enforcing petty dress code violations changes the relationship between a teacher and the student,” Aker said. “Now instead of having a rapport built around the trust necessary to really allow someone to teach you, you have to worry about if this person is someone who is going to turn on you and be judgmental toward you because your shoulder was showing.” Aker said her daughter has lost “good feelings about teachers that she felt sexualized her for something like that and who felt it important enough to make sure she got chastised for it.” On the other side, some feel the dress code is appropriate and should not be changed.

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Clothing that can not only withstand industrial washing, but can also function well on a preemie that has medical equipment attached to them, like IVs or feeding tubes. It’s an issue that concerned Jonathan Fetterley, the former Linen Services Supervisor and current Nutrition Services Retail Manager at Salem Hospital, who spoke with Bell last year about the limited quality and quantity of clothing for the hospital’s smallest, most vulnerable patients. “I couldn’t find a commercially viable, stable source of preemie clothing in our area,” Fetterley tells Babble, adding that NICU nurses were going out to retail stores to buy clothing for their patients — trying, without success, to find enough to meet their need. “I thought we could do better than that and find a sustainable source that didn’t take up so much of nursing’s time,” Fetterley explains. So he reached out to Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE), an organization that partnered with Salem Hospital in 2009 to provide laundry services. Soon, he connected with Dave Conway, OCE’s General Manager based out of the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, a women’s prison in Wilsonville, Oregon. Together, the two initiated a plan to use their partnership to create a line of unique hospital preemie clothing. Image Source: Oregon Correctional Enterprises “Jonathan said that if OCE could design the appropriate outfits, then the hospital would buy them,” Conway recalls. “OCE is all about helping people overcome challenges — how could we say no?” Conway explains that OCE, in partnership with the Department of Corrections, works to promote public safety by providing adults in custody with work and training opportunities, to teach them new skills that will help them be productive in the community upon release.

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