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Brigadier-General Yahya Rasool, spokesman for the military's joint operations command, said in a statement broadcast on state television that the district had been liberated from "the desecration of terrorism". Shirqat, on the Tigris river 100 km (60 miles) south of Mosul, has been surrounded for months by Iraqi troops and Iranian-backed Shi'ite Muslim militias allied to the government. But the army, backed by local police and Sunni Muslim tribal fighters, conducted the fighting this ชุดเครื่องนอน สีขาว week and the militias did not appear to take part. Iraqi forces advanced swiftly through the area after Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the operation on Tuesday morning. The area's proximity to Iraqi supply lines reaching Qayyara air base further north, which will be used as a logistics hub for the push on Mosul, lends it strategic importance. A rocket attack on Tuesday that came within hundreds of meters of U.S. forces at the base is being tested for chemical agents. Tens of thousands of civilians were thought to be trapped in the town and nearby villages, which have been under Islamic State control since the group seized a third of Iraqi territory in 2014. But the operation has not generated the large-scale outflux seen in other recent campaigns. A spokesman for the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR said there had been no displacement on Tuesday and only 32 people dislodged from their homes on Wednesday to a nearby reception center.

Forget about thread count.Dont be fooled by the thread count, says Ferguson. While its typically used as a guide for how luxurious your zzzs can be, you might be surprised by how stiff some of the highest thread count sheets feel. The actors bedding for Thread Experiment is long-staple cotton, soft and durable sheets! 2. Mix it up.Ferguson encourages guysto face their fears and play around with combining different sheets, comforters, duvet covers and pillowcases.Adding a pop of pattern here and there keeps it playful yet put-together, he says. A favorite from the collection are the navy bow ties one of my personal wardrobe staples. Thread Experiment 3. Find your perfect mattress.One of the latest home decor trends arebeds-in-a-box. Jesselikes Helix, Leesa and Hyphen. They are comfy and compact perfect for moving and easy on the wallet. WATCH THIS: Modern Family Stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Ty Burrell Surprise Olympic Diver David Boudia! RELATED:First Look: 10 Affordable Must-Havesfrom Anthropologies New Fall Catalog 4. Keep a linen spray on your nightstand. The one from Thread Experiment & mens grooming e-tailer The MotleyGlees Darren Criss is an investor and product developerhascalming notes of neroli and white woods, to ensure your bedroom always smells fresh and inviting, according to Ferguson. 5. Give a sheet about your bedding.

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Crane & Canopy bed comforters arrive in a range of sizes: complete, queen, master and cal master.As a result, if bed insects are discovered, one should seek advice from an exterminator immediately.Baits used to control ants and cockroaches are ineffective in this case since bed insects must nibble and nourish on bloodstream. A study published in the West Log of Medicine reviews that primary bed wetting accounts for 80 percent of instances. But stripping and repainting home furniture not really only does irreversible harm to the original stock end, it is certainly a untidy job that - performed well - requires the proper apparatus, protection and environmental procedures, components, and patience.decorate a bedroom. A very basic however effortlessly finished approach to a bed golf swing viable for inside and outdoor utilization at the same period. An air flow mattress stand will easily reinforce your full surroundings mattress or memory space polyurethane foam bed at a great height away from the flooring, allowing you to very easily obtain in and out of the bed, in addition to keeping you warm.