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My goal is to be like Tom Ford. It's not just clothes, it's cologne, it's accessories. I started by designing socks with Stance. I want to build an empire. It'd be a cool story if I could look back and say that it all started with a pair of socks. It'd be a cool story if I could look back and say that it all started with a pair of socks. Man, I love basketball. One of my best friends is playing in the finals so I have to keep my eye on it. You better believe we're turning these TVs on at 9 p.m.

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“It just doesn’t match the way people want to think about the problem. People have to re-learn how to think in order to use the software. Centric changed the software to match the way people think about the problem.” The problem is, all these things are business decisions. It’s not what fashion designers want or like to think about, and it’s not what they’re good at. In many cases, they turn back to paper and pencil rather than embrace the technology their IT departments so desperately wish they’d use. “These collections might drive $500 million or $1 billion in revenue, but the key decisions around what that collection is and its structure are being made with post-it notes and pieces of paper that are being thumb-tacked to foam boards,” said Roa. Apparel creators “want to be fashion designers, and they’re spending all their time in Excel,” Roa added. “That’s not what they went to school for.” Centric VIP frees fashion designers from the constraints of spreadsheets and lets them focus on what they do best: design fashion. At the same time, it keeps IT folks happy because it eliminates the sticky note infrastructure that’s been holding the industry together as artists resist technology. Roa said the idea for the VIP boards was pitched three years ago by Centric’s customer advisory board — a structure that he said keeps the company honest by keeping its focus customer centric, so to speak.

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