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It is the most logical thing in the world. The reasons for the success of this unlikely pairing are, apparently, myriad. The creaminess of cheese and the bitterness of tea are natural bedfellows, one tempering the other. Like wine, tea leaves deliver varying degrees of astringency and tannin content, and the range of flavours is huge. Temperature is another factor. When you have a hot drink with cheese it cleanses your palette and brings out new depths, what some call the third flavour, says Deb. It's little wonder that sales of after-dinner teas at smart restaurants are soaring, as we choose to forego a large glass of red for soothing infusions. And think of how many dinner parties you've been to where the tea drawer, opened at dessert, looks like the botanical larder of a herbologist. Provided by The Telegraph India Sturgis pairing tea with cheese CREDIT: JEFF GILBERT Online, cheese and tea tasting events are booming. In New York, Rachel Safko, a writer and tea specialist, hosts private tea and cheese soirees for $500 through the luxury experience firm IfOnly. In Forbes, she recently wrote: Most people, in my experience, think of tea as a drink for rainy days, grandmas, or as a little sister to coffee. All of the above can be true, but there's much more versatility to tea - it's the chameleon of beverages." To test the theory, and help you draw gasps at your next tea party, I consulted Deb on the merits of matching a steaming cuppa with your cheeseboard.

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