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The row comes days after the website apologised กระเป๋าแบรนด์เนม for selling doormats featuring the Indian flag. Gandhi, who campaigned for independence from Britain, is widely revered and known as the Father of the Nation. The Indian embassy in Washington had been told to tell Amazon US to respect Indian feelings, a foreign ministry spokesman was quoted as saying. "As a follow up to the matter regarding the sale of doormats with the Indian flag on Amazon, our Ambassador in Washington has been instructed to convey to Amazon that while providing a platform for third party vendors, they should respect Indian sensitivities and sentiments," Vikas Swarup said, NDTV reported. Image copyright @OYERJALOK The row follows fury over the sale of Indian flag-themed doormats. Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj took to Twitter to demand that Amazon "apologise unconditionally" or its officials would not be given visas. Amazon India vice-president Amit Agarwal wrote to Ms Swaraj saying the doormats had been offered by a third-party seller on its Canadian website and there had been no intent to offend. Desecration of the flag is punishable with fines and imprisonment in India. Last June Amazon found itself in a similar controversy over sales of doormats illustrating Hindu gods.

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While industry insiders waited to see which fashion house Slimane would end up at next, he resurfaced this week to make his comeback in an unexpected way: by re-emerging as a photographer. His first post-fashion piece of work? A portfolio for V Magazine titled " Hedi Slimane's New York Diary ." The portfolio, which is the first of three installments for Slimane's diary series, features artists, musicians and writers making their dreams come true in New York City. Of course, this is hardly the first time Slimane has stepped behind the lens. The creative director photographed the ad campaigns for Saint Laurent during his four year tenure at the fashion house-lending a fresh look to the iconic brand. Prior to Saint Laurent, Slimane photographed both art and fashion for publications like French Vogue, V Man and Purple along with running his own photography blog titled, The Hedi Slimane Diary , since 2006. View photos กระเป๋าแบรนด์เนม ราคา Photo credit: Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent More Slimane spoke out about his new photography endeavor in an interview with the New York Times , saying, "This is an ongoing project and will focus on strong creative. Besides historical New York artists, I constantly follow and document new generations of musicians, writers, comedians and artists. I am currently doing it in New York, but also in Paris, and, of course, for quite some time in Los Angeles, where I live." So does this mean Slimane will never return to fashion design? According to his interview, don't count him out just yet, "Naturally, photography will always be there, however I never intended to stop designing. I never said I will stop designing in the future," Slimane said.

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