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Seven Steps to Sustainable Summer Style

While polyester is in just about everything these days (especially athleisure), it's made from oil, and like all synthetic fibers, it sheds microfibers into waterways. Acrylic is worse, and viscose rayon is another common material to avoid. Opt for clothing made with little to no polyester, or polyester made from recycled, post-consumer materials. Look for products made from tencel, a sustainable alternative to viscose rayon, linen, silk, hemp and wool. As you practice all of this more often, and develop a list of sustainable resources, it will become less frustrating. Gather a document of resources you trust. For local treats, try Backtalk , which boasts a neon "sweatshop free" sign and features vintage and emerging designers. Ecovibe Apparel carries only brands that make an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. If you're in need of a brand-check or alternative, the Good on You app rates brands on earth-friendly practices, and helps you find brands similar to ones you're used to that match your style and values. A lot of unnecessary wear and tear on our clothing comes from outdated washing methods. Try air or hang drying your clothes this summer, inside or in the sun—just be wary of certain dyes and fabrics that might fade.

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